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About Us

Who are we

OceanBiome is a community of talents with a focus on ocean research to map the path to engage in Ocean Protection to enable the next generation of leaders to engage in ocean literacy and stewardship to become ocean ambassadors in Sri Lanka.

What is our mission

OceanBiome is a network committed to protecting the ocean ecosystem of Sri Lanka by nurturing passionate youth and children as the next generation of Multidisciplinary Ocean Ambassadors


Ocean Education

Citizen Science Education Initiative to educate children, youth, fisherman, and the general public on Ocean Literacy through customized interactive, experiential learning modules.

Ocean Storytelling

Storytelling and Visual Literacy are tools to make anyone easily understand anything. Through Ocean Storytelling the facts of the human acts that unknowingly disrupt the Ocean Ecosystem will be driven as Visual Storytelling to make the people embody the acts that cause the destruction.

Ocean Tech

Locally producing technology based solutions to protect the Ocean Ecosystem. Identifying the local talents passionate about the ocean, and marine lives to engage them in challenge-based workshops to come with innovative solutions for ocean problems.

Ocean Community

Ocean community brings together diverse Ocean Advocates with multidisciplinary backgrounds and establishes a network to connect local and international Ocean-related experts, scientists, and organizations to nurture local individuals in Sri Lanka to protect the Ocean Ecosystem.

Marine Diversity Education Series

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7A, Saravana Road, Kallady Batticaloa, 30000 Sri Lanka.

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